Valleywood Studios...

Finally, the Valleywood Studio project has been given planning permission! This is good news for South Wales residents and businesses based around Wales.

As a limousine hire company we believe this new project will benefit us. The new film studios which are being built only 3 miles away from our base will help many businesses in the surrounding areas of Llantrisant.

It is estimated that around 8,000 jobs will be created once the state-of-the-art studios are built which is being dubbed as "Valleywood"

Film Legend, Lord Attenborough told BBC Radio Wales that the new studios would be looking to re-train unemployed miners and steelworkers to man the £350m complex.

He said: "We hope to be able to train a lot of the people who have been unemployed in the district by virtue of steel or coal. We would hope to have the opportunity to train them as plasterers, carpenters, electricians and painters so they can join the crew in the studio. This project will be unique not only in the UK but in Europe"

Asked if he saw American or British filmmakers using the studios, Lord Attenborough replied "both - and Welsh I hope."

He added: "I think there will be a terrific demand plus the fact that we are taking away from London where they have huge additional costs."

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