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2008 Limo Scams..

A new year brings new scams and as you will see from the junk mail folder of your inbox every day, they don't neglect anyone in their search for some poor sucker who doesn't read the fine print. Of course the limousine industry is not exempt and as Hitler once said that �people will more easily fall victims to a big lie than to a small one', so too will scammers go for the big score that is a luxury limousine.

A scam which has recently come out of the UK targeting limousine hire companies starts typically with an online request for a limousine for a wedding. The limousine hire company was supposedly contacted by the wedding coordinator, but she has left out some of the necessary details to be filled in later. Unfortunately these details were the pickup and drop off points!

The limo hire company sent off their quote and it was accepted by the �wedding coordinator', who promised that a money order would follow immediately. However, the money was not immediately sent, but instead arrived only 6 days before the wedding. When it did arrive, it was in a business envelope and accompanied by a company letterhead but the amount was for US $4,000 when it should have been for $600 Canadian and this set the alarm bells ringing for the limo hire company operator.

While the pickup point was a real address and the reception hall drop off point did have a wedding booked for the same date, sending too much money is a typical scam. The scammer can then have you send the refund for the extra amount back to them, usually through a third person and hopefully before their money order is detected as a forgery.

So high end scams are just as regular occurrences as the emails asking you to send your bank account details, to your own bank!

For more information about hiring a high end limo to see what all the fuss is about, contact us now.

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