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Limos Unlicensed and Caught

There are all sorts of reasons why limousine hire companies will not be properly licensed. They may not know about all of the necessary licensing and regulations they need to follow, they may be starting out, setting up and therefore learning about everything they need to organise for their business, or they may simply be trying to save themselves some time and money by operating illegally.

Well, whatever their reason, these limo hire companies are going to eventually be tracked down and when they are, while they are going to have to be made safe, legal and compliant, they should never try to lie about the fact they are currently operating illegally. However, this is exactly what the director of a luxury car hire and chauffeur service has done and is now facing the possibility of going to jail for it.

Malcolm Margo has been found guilty of lying to the police to stop his company from being prosecuted for using unlicensed limousines. While he denies attempting to pervert the course of justice and denies using public service vehicles without a license, Mr Margo was described as a �wholly unconvincing witness' when found guilty in the Magistrate's Court.

Mr Margo also said that he had sent handwritten credit notes to two couples who had used his limousines for their weddings, in order to ensure that the two unlicensed vehicles were not being used as public service vehicles.

In a limousine hire company, the truth of the operations will be evident everywhere and there is no point trying to deny that a limo hire company is not operating illegally an unlicensed when it is. It will be evident in the prices which will be unjustifiably low as there are no licensing costs the limo hire company has to pay, and there will be other evidence of halfway business practices because if the limo hire company is skimping on safety, they are probably skimping in other areas too, like quality and service.

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