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At Legends Limo Hire we are part of a national limousine and luxury car hire network. While this on its own may not mean much to you � what difference does it make to you how we run our business? � and in general you would be right, the differences of dealing with a national limo hire company are often enjoyed without you even realising the difference and comprehensiveness of the service you are receiving, as compared to dealing with an ordinary limo hire company.

However, when our nationwide fleet swells its ranks by one to accommodate the new red Ferrari stretch limousine, you will suddenly become very interested in our hire reach. Because there is only one red Ferrari limousine in the UK � that is after all why you want to hire it � when you heard of its release, you probably also started hoping that it was being run by a limo hire company in your area.

Well while you're right, there is only one red Ferrari limousine in the UK, it can be in more than one place � not at the same time of course, but we have made sure that no one in the UK will miss out on this unique experience. No matter where in the UK you live, where you want to go in your Ferrari limousine, and the route you want to take to get there, Legends Limo Hire will make it happen for you.

The Ferrari stretch limousine was also not just created by quickly and carelessly chopping open a Ferrari Modena 360 and inserting a few extra seats. In fact the stretch Modena 360 was carefully constructed and its extension engineered with precision to ensure safety, comfort, flexibility and handling. This means that nowhere in the UK is too far for the Ferrari limousine to travel, no roads are too winding or narrow and no hill is too steep to climb.

So when you contact Limo Hire Company about our red Ferrari limousine, you can be sure that wherever you are in the UK, we can organise you a red ride.

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