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Many luxury car manufacturers start of their production small and so they give special attention to detail and quality when they first start out. However, demand rises and their company expands and often their production turns to quantity rather than quality.

This is not the case with the Hillman limousines. The Hillman Motor Car Company was started by William Hillman in Coventry in 1907 and Hillman produced luxury cars right into the 1920s as a respected but small coachbuilder. However, it was the introduction of the Minx luxury car in 1932 which boosted the sales of the Hillman company and brought real recognition for Hillman himself.

Hillman produced his first limousine in 1934, and the Hillman Sixteen Deluxe limousine was simply an extension of the quality and workmanship Hillman had displayed in his previous vehicles.

It is this care of construction which is missing in many modern car manufacturers and this is why, while the Hillman limousine can still be found today, owned by collectors and enthusiasts, it is unlikely there are many cars produced today which will still be around in 70 years.

Hillman made a point of building quality into his vehicles, he claimed his limousines were �built with a margin throughout'. There was a bigger margin of safety, comfort, reliability, space, performance and aesthetics. This extra care that was taken and the extra quality which was built in, sets the Hillman limousines apart from the good limousines and even the great limousines, as the Hillman limousines made sure every aspect of passenger, driver and vehicle were perfect and exceeded all possible expectations.

While the Hillman limousines still in existence are owned privately, there is a variety of other British limousines available for hire in your area, simply contact our sales team for more information.

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