Limos Under Warranty

When limousines are modified and made into stretch limos and party buses, almost always the manufacturer's warranty is voided because their vehicle has been cut and altered. While the stretching is done by a qualified coachbuilder who has followed all of the necessary safety and mechanical guidelines to ensure the limousine is still safe, the limo hire company which buys and operates that limousine is then responsible for the servicing and parts, and the insurance.

However, some limo hire companies, when faced with the costs and the hassles of getting a new warranty of their new limousine creation, decide not to go through the processes of getting a new warranty and resolve to just fork over the cash for any repairs or replacements their limousine may need in the future. While this is a good theory as it saves the limo hire company a lot of time and money in start up and their limousine can get straight out onto the road, it does present another issue down the track.

When the time comes that this stretched limousine needs a replacement part, an extensive service or just repairs from wear and tear or an accident, it can be tempting for the limo hire company which is not covered by the vehicle's warranty, to skimp on the repairs. While the limo hire company had resolved to fork out any money needed to work on the stretched limo when they decided not to get a new warranty, when the time comes to actually fork over that money, it can be hard parting.

So when you are hiring a limousine, make sure that you find out about the warranty and repairs which have been conducted on the vehicle. While it may have been converted correctly and safely, it can be harder to maintain that safety in the face of making a profit. For more information about hiring a limousine with a full warranty and quality repairs, contact LHC now.

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