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Custom Motor and Limo Show 2009..

If you're operating within any facet of the limousine industry you probably already know that it is one of the fastest growing, evolving and adapting industries you could be a part of. It can almost be guaranteed that when a new luxury car, or any sort of unusual vehicle, rolls off the production line, that it is only a matter of time before a creative and innovative coachbuilder has cut it in half, added a little more body and welded it back together, to be reborn as a stretch limousine.

And even the traditional luxury car and limousine manufacturers seem to always be striving to outdo their last luxurious and extravagant effort with an even more head turning limousine for the new season. However, it is not only the new array of limousines which grace our roads day and night, week in and week out which makes the limousine industry such a fluid one.

There also always seems to be new limousine legislation, licensing, insurance or safety laws coming in to effect or being lobbied for. One month we will see background checks for chauffeurs in the spotlight, and the next safety checks and across the board licensing will be under the microscope.

As a result it is any wonder that you have any time at all to run your limousine hire business, what with all the time you have to spend in keeping up with the industry news and rules, not to mention the gossip. Therefore, you need to take advantage of the largest motoring event in the UK, which lucky for you is held right here in Farnborough - the 2009 Custom Motor Show at the Farnborough FIVE venue.

Being such an expansive show and the highlight of the luxury transport industry calendar is not all the show has to offer because it is actually four shows in one and accommodates all of the newest limousines and technology, not to mention all of the chauffeurs and limousine hire operators who wanted to see them.

Therefore, to help you catch up and keep up with the latest developments in the industry for 2009 and beyond, make sure you are at the 2009 Custom Motor Show in Farnborough next April. See you there!

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