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Welcome to Limo Hire Company. If you are looking for limo hire in London or any of the surrounding areas, then we can help you save money and time.

Whether you are planning a wedding, a school prom, a corporate event or even just a weekend away with the family/partner, you can find all the information on this website.

We have added an article below about planning weekends away. Please take a few moments which will help you find more information and useful tips.

Everyone feels the need to escape once in a while and there is nothing better than a weekend away with your friends full of good gossip, good food and good wine. So when you begin to plan your next girl's weekend away, don't neglect the gorgeous bed and breakfast in your favourite wine region just because the designated driver will miss out on the wine tasting; hire a limousine to take you and your friends on your weekend away and relax in style.

Your limousine can pick up everyone from their homes or even straight from the office. The limo can then chauffeur you all out to wine country while you start your relaxing holiday in the back of the limo on the comfy seats with a drink from the bar.

The limousine can even stick around or be called back when you have unpacked and are ready to visit some of the local cellar doors where the chauffeur is the designated driver.

Getting a limousine to take you to your B&B also means that you don't risk wasting time if you get lost on the way and it also avoids anyone having to drive the long distance, or even take turns as the holiday is about relaxing and you will all be ready chill out and will be too tired to drive long distances.

Also, with fuel prices on the rise, we are all opting for smaller and smaller cars, so it is unlikely that anyone will have a car big enough to fit each girl and all her luggage. If this is the case you would normally be forced to take two, or even more (!), cars but in a limousine there is plenty of room for everyone and their luggage, and any cases of wine you buy on the trip.

So when you and your friends are planning your next relaxing break in the country, remember to hire a limousine and you won't have to worry about a thing. For more information or to book a limousine for your next girl's weekend away, contact Legends Limos now.

We offer limousine hire in all areas of London including West London, North London, South London and East London. Please contact our sales office for full details.

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