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A Sacramento limousine hire company has made a big point of saying they are not affected by the rising costs of fuel and other economic issues which the other limo hire companies in the US, and to a lesser extent the rest of the world, are facing. While the Sacramento limousine company have stated in a dedicated press release that their limousines are fuel efficient and their chauffeurs are very experienced in conserving fuel.

While this may be the case, the limo hire company does not actually say they are using limousines which run on natural gas, or hybrid limousines, they simply state that their limousines are new and therefore more fuel efficient, meaning they don't have to raise their prices. This limo hire company also says that their drivers are trained to monitor their idle times, schedule their runs efficiently and find the most efficient way to get to and from each pickup and drop off point. They also make sure the tires on the limousines are in good condition and that the limos themselves are regularly maintained.

However, at Legends we make sure our chauffeurs do all of this already and that is the difference between a driver and professional limousine chauffeur. A chauffeur will always find the best route for a pickup and drop off to save themselves time and to ensure they are on time for the passengers. Unfortunately this US limo hire company then goes on to say you can have your choice of a Hummer H2 and a Ford Excursion, two of the biggest limousines in the industry.

Therefore, when a limousine hire company maintains that their Hummer and Excursion limousines are not costing them any more to run they are probably not being honest with you. However, they may have maintained their prices as �proof'. Unfortunately, if they have maintained their prices when their own costs are sure to have rises, they are skimping money from somewhere else.

So if a limo hire company is able to make claims like this, they are probably cutting costs somewhere else, be it on their insurance, their maintenance, their driver/chauffeur training or their accreditation.

For more information about hiring a safe, reliable, quality limousine driven by a professional chauffeur, contact Limo Hire Company now.

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