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Important Definitions

Booking a limousine can be a daunting task as there are so many limo hire companies out there and there are so many things you have to know about and consider before you hire a limousine.

So here is a short list of some definitions in the limo hire industry which you should know about, but remember, if you hear a term you don't understand, ask the limo hire company, they should be more than happy to explain it for you.

The term limousine has come to mean much more than simply what we think of as a stretch limousine. Limousines are defined as chauffeur driven luxury cars, but the definition of luxury has also expanded to include limousines made from SUVs and VWs so make sure you know exactly which �limousine' you are asking for.

There are many limousine drivers who will pass themselves off as �chauffeurs' but a chauffeur is much more than simply a driver. A chauffeur will attend to the passengers' every need in a similar way to a butler. The chauffeur will also be equipped to solve any emergency whether it requires a needle and thread or a tyre jack.

SUV Limousine..
Limousines are made from almost any type of car these days and an SUV limousine is simply a Sports Utility Vehicle which has been stretched and modified inside to include the luxuries expected of a limousine. They are �tougher' looking so make sure they are appropriate for your event.

Airport Transfer..
Includes either a pick up from the airport or a drop off to the airport. If you are being dropped off you will be picked up from your home, office or wherever you are leaving from. Both ways your chauffeur will help you with your bags, loading and unloading into the limousine as well as taking them either to or from the airport baggage area. Just make sure your airport transfer does not include the pick up and drop off of other people too as this can make you late for your own flight.

If you would like more information on the above terms or other terms not listed with regards to limo hire, contact LHC now.

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