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Limo Hire Fuel Surcharge

With the cost of fuel becoming a bigger and bigger issue by the day, we are seeing prices rises in every industry from transport, to those which use transport to deliver their goods, and so rising fuel prices affect just about everyone in some way.

The limousine industry is very heavily affected because they have no way of cutting down on the amount of driving they do and their vehicles are mostly large, fuel guzzling limos.

To combat this price rise, some limo hire companies put fuel surcharges onto their contracts to cover the extra cost and help their passengers distinguish the cost of hire from the costs the limo hire companies can't control.

However, since the price of fuel has �come down', it has not returned to the previous levels and the limo hire companies now have to decide how much the surcharge affects their ordinary price rises, especially if another fuel surcharge is required in the future.

Oil prices and fuel prices affect every aspect of our everyday lives as without this fuel the entire world would not be able to function. Therefore, it is not surprising that since the fuel prices have gone up we have seen an increase in every aspect of our lives.

Therefore, we simply have to accept the rising prices across the board and take it all in as part of the cost of living, the cost of doing business and the cost of having a good time.

Since limousines are often used for special occasions or business meetings, we simply have to examine our budgets and decide whether we really did need that eight seater limousine for a romantic evening, or whether the four seater is enough.

For more information about the current pricing of limousines in your area, contact Legends Limos now.

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