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With fuel prices on the rise, we are all looking for ways to conserve fuel, cut back on our driving and minimise the residual cost of the fuel prices in areas like our airfares and handed down freight costs.

However, limo hire companies are unable to cut down on their travelling distance and time as this is their entire business. However, they also don't want to have to pass on the rise in fuel costs onto their passengers either.

Fuel consumption and rising fuel prices are not new issues for limo hire companies who have always had to closely monitor their fuel consumption to ensure their company was staying in the black.

There was even a company trying to launch in the UK several years ago called Fuel Freedom International. Fuel Freedom were claiming to be able to improve the miles per gallon by 10-15%.

As with most things which sound too good to be true, they of course were as the company was discovered to have tried to launch this fuel scam in the US and were in the process of being sued in several states over there.

While we all want to believe that there is some magical cure for lower fuel consumption out there that is simply being hidden from us, the general consensus among the scientists who have worked on this problem is that your fuel consumption is really dictated by your mood.

If you are driving somewhere when you are angry you are more likely to speed up to the light, only to have them turn red, and speed up and pull back behind other drivers on the road who are �getting in your way'.

Therefore, calm driving, coupled with a clean air filter, well balanced and good quality tyres and a regularly serviced car are the best ways for everyone driving any size car to save on fuel.

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